Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Creative Study Techniques is Actually Work

S-T-U-D-Y.this time of year,those 5 letters are looming over every college student's head. With so much emphasis placed on final exams and projects, it's easy to let that daunting task make you totally crazy. But there is a way to fight back. Whether you've got senioritis or just can't stop daydreaming about summer plans, we've got some equally crazy and innovative tips to help you make the grade.
Savvy Study Tip1:- Reward yourself
Why it works: Colleen Roberts, a tutor at Kumon Learning Center, says that rewards are a great way to keep you going. The idea of indulging after a job well done works for all ages. At Kumon, kids get “money” to spend on prizes if they answer practice questions correctly. And few would argue that chocolate is a pretty sweet reward.While good grades are a great reward, sometimes you need something more immediate to keep you going.  “Sometimes, if I finish a chapter of a textbook I'm studying from, I'll reward myself with a piece of chocolate or an improv dance session,” says Her Campus writer Aylin Erman. “It keeps things exciting and keeps me motivated.”
Savvy Study Tip2:- Get hypnotized.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Technology Courses in USA

Information technologies have become an     integral part of our everyday life, and as a field of study, are gaining popularity around the world. Information technology is the basis for almost all aspects of the modern world today - from health care to education to retail, even in engineering. Good level not only opens the door to many exciting career options, but also provides a good briefing for foreign students. American universities offer more specialized courses, such as planning, multimedia, design, development, etc. diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. House best universities of the world, professors, high-tech meeting rooms and a multicultural environment, examining US gives foreign students a distinct advantage Once the benefits of IT courses in USAce the benefits of information technology in the US and are as follows: -