Wednesday, 4 January 2017


It seems like an increasingly can be well absorbed by all ages, and presented the game with different levels of difficulty. Starting from the level of "novice" to "Advance 'designed to suit the level of player skill. If you already like this, then maybe it can actually be for the game is played by young children to adults. Each was created for a part of the game. Still on the part of the game and offers not only the levels of difficulty in a variety. the game is the provision of a special type are also different ways. starting from "career" or any personal career, so I played the competition with a lot of competitors or enemies are also there. the development of a more interesting game is more of a personal nature. whether it's the kind of racing game, a war to football, every player is possible to dress the car, or the tactics of the war group, or team or the team also set up according to their own desires. it is unusual too, to allow players to customize themselves in each game play. this is the closest player to the imagination in the form of virtual real games
Then over the development of the game category? Game rating himself a very large increase. Currently available for a variety of game categories. Starting from the category of racing games such as Moto GP, F1, Need for Speed, Colin McRae Rally. Battle of the class or war games such as Counter-Strike, Sniper Elite, Black Hawk Down, mercenaries, also a class of sports such as football game, championship manager, a coach, winning ten atheist, to NBA, the ball in the street. And many other game categories that are also circulating in the market. Everything is made to indulge in the tastes of consumers to the maximum extent possible, in this case are the players.

And then perhaps the question is what are the benefits that can be received from playing games? The initial idea of ​​the game is definitely the media and entertainment. The games certainly almost all made to entertain. About how someone becomes a reality in less constantly stress because when you play games, that's another matter. But I also like the competitive sports, game should also help players to learn the spirit of sport. Sportsmanship are themselves expected from the game received fairly positive value. As well as in everyday life, not forever we 'win', but also we are not forever "lost". Everything must work well as it is in the game. Another benefit may also be less aware of is the side of intelligence and neural feedback, in fact a little more accurate in the game, especially games that are very competitive. That is why now developed are also many educational games for children, because it is through learning through visualization expected to learn the spirit of the child will be more encouraged by the attention. And also to the side of the fundamental nature of the human being that everything is faster visual and verbal learning. This is why this game is really good, too, if you are involved in the education process (educational games).
But make no mistake, the game also has some influence unfavorable to the development of young children, thus sparing him from the game as much as possible to be harmful or destructive. For young children is still the best educational games, but if you want to add another category in the 'List of Food ", it is sufficient to provide sports classes or race alone.

The achievement of business opportunities for the industry more and more a possibility, it is not surprising that many companies began to create the concept of the Internet to capture more dollars in their pockets. Then this is what happened today, I played the game not only in personal computers and network devices, but also can be played with a mass of people all over the world who have access to it. We can play even with people we do not know though. There's even a company that did not hesitate to provide a "bargain" for the game features online. Yes, it has penetrated the buying and selling even in the online game. This is proof that humans and fantasy indispensable.

Smart companies have succeeded in this game makes people who play do things to support the virtual fantasy and realism. Not only dealing in the online game, or battle online, even lie to their parents for several hours also may be executed game center. It is the moral of these companies can not be blamed, each time on how to obtain this technological evolution. Because all the technological progress always will carry the effects and consequences of each of them.

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