Tuesday, 3 January 2017


The Specialist Liberty University education program to prepare qualified and effective leaders, like design, with a Christian outlook, who will model high academic standards and assume a leadership role in the field of education. Offers specialized preparation courses for individuals to get adoption for positions K-12 or university-level school papers. You will develop the skills needed to play a role in facilitating the achievement of the goals and objectives of the education system. And well-suited to this degree program educator professional, just like you, trying to get an increase in salary or who has a desire to get a doctoral degree. As a student of this program you can choose to specialize along with your core courses in educational leadership.

It offers Department of Educational Administration (EDAD) a group of graduate programs online designed to prepare individuals for leadership and management positions in the K-12 and adult and higher education settings. We offer master's programs and an educational specialist for the school district administrators, managers and directors of special education curriculum adults, teachers, managers and trainers Higher Education classroom.

We believe that the leaders of reflecting and teachers who are skilled practices and making use of the best available theory, research, and experiential wisdom. Decision-making reflects the administrators participate in the sessions of thought and action based on the theoretical, ethical, and professional knowledge. The Division is committed to the educational administration to prepare a reflective
The Specialist Educational design (Ed.S.) in Educational Administration, school district supervisor program as the degree of post-master practitioners of teachers and / or administrators in this area. The conceptual framework for this class online creative and exciting reflects prepares leaders who are skilled teachers who practices and decisions to take advantage of the best available theory, research, and experiential wisdom.

Upon completion of the educational administration degree online, including field training associated, students also earn a school district supervisor license. Students must contact their state licensing requirements specified.

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