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Especially in recent years, technology has changed from being a peripheral factor to become more central in all forms of education. However, the debate about the role of technology in education dating back 2,500 years, at least. To better understand the role and impact of technology on education, and we need a little history, because as is always the case there are lessons to be learned from history. Paul Saettler in "the evolution of the American Educational Technology" (1990) is one of the most comprehensive historical novels, but it only goes up to 1989. I have a lot has happened since then. I'm giving you here in the version of a postage stamp, and a personal one at that.
Technology has always been closely associated with teaching. And according to the Bible, used Moses chiseled stone to express the Ten Commandments, and perhaps in all parts of the eighth century BC 7TH. But it might be more useful to summarize the developments in educational technology in terms of the main means of communication.

Oral communication
It was one of the oldest means of formal education through the mouth - although human speech - despite the passage of time, technology has been used increasingly to facilitate or "backup" oral communication. In ancient times, stories, folklore, history and news transmitted and maintained through oral communication, making memorization minutes a critical skill, and oral tradition is still the case in many indigenous cultures. For the ancient Greeks, and the rhetoric and speech means that people learned and passed on learning. Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey were narrative poems, stomach overall performance. Can be learned, it had to be saved by listening, not by reading, and travels through the recitation, and not through writing.
However, from the fifth century BC, they found documents written in large numbers in ancient Greece. If we believe Socrates, education was in a downward spiral since then. According to Plato, Socrates and caught one of his students (lessons of) pretending to read a word from memory that in fact he had learned from the written copy. Then the lessons of Socrates told the story of how God Theuth king of Egypt offered the gift of writing, which would be a "recipe for both memory and wisdom." The king was not impressed. According to Jawad
Primary and secondary education law brings new money into the schools of technology. The large and medium put in place in some schools, but used most of the department or school counseling (databases for information bout and students)  1970 - Texas Instruments develops first hand - held electronic calculator. Heart of the action from the first machine mini calculator and the Department of semiconductor integrated to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 1969 - children's program for the first time Sesame Street on national television Educational Network and quickly becomes international hit. 1970 - ARPANET, a leading Internet, go online. Engelbart invented the mouse, hypertext, and groupware. It also creates a superior, multi - window screens and built-publishing and e-mail systems and all of great importance in the modern education

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