Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Some said that the media risked permanent programs for the advancement, while others questioned whether a request institutions to take the lead in the transition to sustainable development was asking a lot of breeders.

And it exacerbated these discussions about the need of several environmental in the first place, non-governmental organizations to contribute to the educational preparation without understanding is required of how the teaching and learning systems, and the extent of educational adjustment and technology happen, as well as the development of appropriate educational programs, professional growth, as well as illustrative values. This lack of understanding of the academic amendment reliable takes time, others dynamically governments for not acting sooner.

As a result, many international and regional initiatives as well as national, in fact contributed to the understanding of an expanded and refined the definition of education for sustainable development. For example, international education, and a large umbrella group of teachers' unions and associations all over the world, and made a statement and business strategy to announce the sustainable progress through education and learning.

And a common agenda in all of this is the demand for the way in which all communities and federal government entities have been included, as a team in establishing a common understanding and dedication to the plans and methods, as well as teaching and learning programs for the advancement of permanently.

Advertising proactively integrate teaching and learning the right to sustainable progress in the neighborhood neighborhood

In addition, several of certain governments of committees, panels and advise councils as well as a curriculum to apply for a review of teaching and learning for sustainable advancement of projects, policy development, and also the appropriate structures of assistance and programs as well as sources, UNFPA regional efforts.

Certainly, the roots of education for the advancement of sustainable grown strongly in environmental awareness efforts of these groups. Along with education all over the world, the development of teaching and learning, and education for peace, education and citizenship, learning and teaching in the field of human rights, learning, education, multicultural as well as the fight against racism, which was all the great environmental education and learning has great actually been specifically. In a quick history of thirty years, have made the modern environmental education steadily every possible effort in the direction of the goals and the final results of the comparison are also similar to those in the fundamental principle of sustainability.

A new vision for education

These many initiatives that the international neighborhood strongly believes now shows that we need to strengthen - through education and learning - the values, behavior and way of neighborhoods required for a lasting future. Education and learning has come to achieve sustainable growth in the fact that the measure considereded learn the best ways to choose this thinking in the long-term future of the economy and the environment and also the social welfare of all neighborhoods. The ability to develop such a logic-oriented futures crucial task of education.

This stands for a new vision of education, a vision that helps students better world understanding of where they live, and to address the complexity as well as the conviction of problems such hardship, and the use of excessive, destruction of the environment, urban decay, population development and gender inequality, health, conflict and the violation human rights that threaten our future. This vision of education emphasizes an alternative, to develop a multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills necessary approach for a sustainable future as well as changes in values, habits, and also a way of life. This requires us to reorient education and learning systems, and policies, as well as technologies in order to provide everyone, young and old, to make decisions, as well as the act is culturally appropriate and in the area of ​​the relevant methods to address the problems that threaten our common future. So we must believe in all parts of the world, and act locally. Thus, people can come at any age to be equipped to develop and evaluate alternative visions of the future permanent as well as to meet these visions through working creatively with others.

Looking for sustainable development through education requires educators to:

- Area of ​​ethics to live a sustainable, based on after social justice, freedom and peace, safety and environmental concepts, too, in the center of culture and problems.
- Urged the Conference of disciplines, linking knowledge and know-how, to produce understandings that are much more integrate and context.
- Urged a life with science, starting from the beginning of life, as well as stuck in life - one based on the enthusiasm of extreme moral character of the culture of transformation.
- Develop the fullest potential of all human beings throughout their lives so they can achieve full self-realization and also self-mail
Will be adjustments in lifestyle must be accompanied by the promotion of moral recognition, where he finds the citizens of countries abundant in cultures the source of a new and dynamic solidarity, which will be carried out certainly to get rid of poverty on a large scale that now caught 80% of the population in the world, as well as environmental destruction as well all other related issues.

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