Thursday, 12 January 2017


New professors to teach online depends sometimes on the first Technology for Educational Planning approach. This perspective may complicate the educational process and lead to poorer learning outcomes. Jared Stein, Vice President of Research and Development in the canvas by Instructure, professors online are advised to prioritize educational goals by technology.
"Begin with the end in mind: What do you want learners have completed at the end of the session? Mr. Stein said how they have changed?" During an interview with "You will want to choose the tools that offer the best opportunities to learn and practice, mixing with the least amount of overhead technical."

Once trained online to determine what they want to teach, and through what ways, they can be reviewed online learning techniques available to them and identify those that complement the goals best. However, no regulation of all online courses in the same way: some allow considerable flexibility to schedule, while others seek to restore the environment naturally more traditional campus-based Internet. Teachers should consider these factors when choosing tools and teaching aids.
Online degree programs have been designed to convey the same knowledge and skills, based campus programs, even professors often to adapt to the same teaching methods to the learning environment on the Internet. In some cases, delivery is almost the only noticeable difference. In other cases, the technology is changing radically or enrich the learning experience. Dr. Aldridge discussed the relationship between teaching methods and experiences online student learning during an interview with

"Teachers who teach in this area is also aware of the need to establish much the existence of teaching that facilitate and guide the learning process in ways that engage students in active learning and authentic, measurable experiences, customizable," said Dr. Aldridge said. "In some programs that implement virtual reality through simulations and games that provide a risk-free environment, but it is a challenge to engage students in activities based on a real problem and exercises play roles that aims to develop the skills they need to become practitioners successful sophisticated. As a result, these tools teaching experimental high-tech enable them to learn by doing, and they have mastered the expertise and knowledge and complex skills. "

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