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NGLC regional funds for schools penetration accelerates the re-design of innovative schools at the local level. In 2014, it was selected six regional funds partner organizations through the application process competitive. And add a seventh partner in 2016. The goal is to accelerate student achievement in these areas by stimulating the adoption of a school-wide character, blended learning models based on the master.PL design Attributes.pdf School
NGLC and care for school re-design with the movement of investments to support teachers and school designers, partners and innovation in the design of innovative schools to infiltrate schools and launch to accelerate student achievement through the next general learning models. We learn from their experiences, we are sharing promising practices emerging across the country.

With the commitment of a number of partners, intensified NGLC this effort in selected cities across the regional funds of the United States and schools penetrate initially focused on two locations - Washington, DC, and Chicago - and has expanded to include four additional areas in 2014 and one more in 2016. (You can find more in depth information on each of our regional funds using the links below).

This national regional investment NGLC expansion is designed to:

Access to more projects in all stages of public education who have the dream - and the outline of the plan - to design and launch of new types of schools that engage students much more personally in their learning
Ignite (or expand) the culture and society of creativity in selected cities by recruiting local partners and build active, geographically centered new school networks
Encourage cooperation at the level of the city and the harmonization of key partners, including school districts, and good people, and the offices of the mayors, and incubators of innovation, community organizations, and (in some cases) and state education agencies
Expansion of interest in this, and blended learning models based on personal mastery by other teachers in regional locations and surrounding areas and cities
School teachers and designers of sites join this benefit initiative from a wide range of support networks provided in the local market, in part, by the lead community partners and partly through national programs for NGLC. Designers also have the school aspires to obtain grant funds allocated specifically to support the schools in each city.

In June 2015, 49 schools were selected to receive funding and support as a result of this effort. It is expected that the number of innovative school design and launch models at the school level personalized learning in regional funds for sites up to nearly 100 by the autumn of 2016.

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